Adios, Checkout X

After 7 years of service, Checkout X is getting shut down on 31 of July 2024!
Thanks for riding with us, it was a wild ride!
Rus - Founder @ Checkout X
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What to do if you're still using Checkout X?

Once Checkout X is stopped, your customers should be automatically redirected to the standart Shopify / WooCommerce checkout.

Shopify's checkout is pretty good now and it looks very simillar to Checkout X. Woo checkout is completely customisable. Whichever platform you are using you should migrate ASAP.

Shopify Checkout

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WooCommerce Checkout

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Why are we shutting down?

In case you missed why we're shutting down - Shopify banned alternative checkouts and WooCommerce merchants didn't need our product.

Read the full story and other startup advice my blog:

The next big thing...

I'm currently building an AI conversational commerce platform called Zipchat that increase sales, helps merchants understand their customers and it works with Shopify, WooCommerce & other platforms. Check it out:

Zipchat AI

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